Star boy; Watch viral video of Timo Werner unbelievable goals that made him a Chelsea assets

Timo Werner is a Forward who has appeared in 35 matches this season in Premier League, playing a total of 2607 minutes. Timo Werner scores an average of 0.21 goals for every 90 minutes that the player is on the pitch. This attacking performance currently places them at 80th out of 418 for Premier League Players who’ve played at least 3 matches.

This player scored a total of 6 goals so far in the season in the league, which places them at 2nd in the Chelsea squad’s Top Scorers list.

There might not be more pressure on anyone in this squad than Timo Werner. Bought for close to £50 million, Werner was expected to light up the Premier League in his first season. Instead, shocking misses, an awkward dribbling style at times and a lack of confidence have culminated in the club’s and fans desire for Haaland.

Six goals in the Premier League and 12 goals in all competitions just is not a good enough return for a player who was expected to show the goal scoring ability that he showcased at RB Leipzig. His last season in Germany saw him see the back of the net 34 times and he just did not get anywhere near that this season.

Two positives in his corner, are the fact that he himself recognizes that he needs to do better. Werner when questioned in May on his season by The Telegraph said
“I think a lot of people’s expectations for me, outside the club but also inside the club, were very high because of my goal scoring record,”

“I also assisted many goals last year in my old club, but I think the main reason why they brought me here in the club is to score and maybe at the end 12 goals and six goals in the Premier League, that’s not good enough.”

The second positive is that Tuchel clearly trusts him. He was one of the most used players under the Chelsea boss and that is a sign of his faith and belief that he will come good.

Next season many Chelsea fans, especially if the dream of signing Haaland is not realized will expect a major season from Werner, which will go a long way in solidifying his Chelsea status.

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