Chelsea 0-1 Man City: Full Match Highlight and Goals

Chelsea 0-1 Manchester City: Premier League – as it happened!

Gabriel Jesus’s second-half strike sealed a big win at Stamford Bridge that lifted City above Chelsea in the table

Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus opens the scoring courtesy of a deflection.

Thank you very much for your company today. Jacob Steinberg was at Stamford Bridge today – here is his report.

Gabriel Jesus’s deflected strike seals Manchester City win over Chelsea.

Guardiola: “Today the guys were outstanding. They make me so proud.”

He goes onto say how he is proud of himself today as his plan worked but says there are many parts to their victory over Chelsea.

Yash Gupta says: “Tuchel sort of raised the white flag when he selected a midfield three. If he had selected Mount or Havertz, I don’t think Chelsea would’ve been pegged back too deep. In the end he pulled a ‘Pep’.”

I think it is fair to say that Tuchel’s tactics were far too defensive and negative today. He will have learned a tough lesson from the loss against an attacking City side.

Gabriel Jesus: “We prefer to play good, so we come to play against one of the best teams in the world, European champions, they are so good, they have a lot of amazing players. We played very good and won the game.

“I turned good, shot and got a little lucky but I am very happy to score that goal. The most important thing is that everyone played so good.

“It is not about the message, we always try to play as good as possible. We have a lot of top players to create the chances and score the goals.”

If you’re interested … Aston Villa scored an 88th minute winner at Old Trafford against Manchester United. It gets better for City fans, too, as Bruno Fernandes missed a 93rd minute penalty.

The City players have sent their shirts into the stands, which is nice. Scott Carson is now out on the pitch to congratulate everyone. Scott, if you’re listening, I’d like your shirt.

What a second-half! It might have lacked a few clear cut chances but it was a relentless 45 minutes for all involved. City were the better team throughout but Chelsea put them under plenty of pressure, which the visitors coped with very well.

Full-time: Chelsea 0-1 Manchester City
A fully deserved win for City.

90+6 mins: Another long ball is sent into the box but Ederson once again comes to claim. Someone seems to have thrown a chocolate bar, possibly a Twirl at Ederson.

90+5 mins: Chelsea ping a free-kick to the edge of the area, which is flicked into the six-yard box but Ederson comes to claim.
90+4 mins: Fernandinho and Rudiger glide into each other, leaving the latter on the deck but he seems OK to get up.

Lukaku gets down the left and sends a great cross to the back post for Azpilicueta to attack but it goes over his head as he stumbles into Cancelo. The crowd want a penalty but there is no chance it is happening.

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90+2 mins: Both get up after a long delay, so the four minutes of added time have only just started in earnest.

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90 mins: Rudiger pings a pass over the top for Havertz but Ederson comes out to punch the ball clear inside the area. The Brazilian clashes with Havertz for his troubles, leaving both on the deck.

Four minutes are being added on but that could end up being a lot longer due to the treatment going on in the area to the two players.

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89 mins: Lukaku gets behind Laporte and Dias after a long ball over the top but he can’t make much of it, as City clear his cross. Moments later Azpilicueta swings in a curling cross from the right with his less favoured left boot but it goes just over the Belgian striker’s head.

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87 mins: Sterling and Fernandinho are on in place of Grealish and Foden. A great level of experience for Guardiola to be able to bring on at this stage of the game.

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85 mins: Rudiger is the latest Chelsea man to be caution, this time for a foul on Mahrez.

Azpilicueta chips a pass into Werner who has found space in the area, he turns and volleys a shot at goal but it whacks into Dias’ chest. There are the traditional calls from the crowd for handball but there is no chance of that being the case.

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83 mins: Werner gets down the right and sends in a very dangerous low cross for Havertz to attack but Walker beats him to it by a split second, otherwise Chelsea would be level.

Foden slips the ball through for Grealish to race onto, he gets one-on-one with Mendy and tries to dink it over the ‘keeper but he spreads himself well to deny the winger and keep Chelsea in the game.

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81 mins: Grealish is infuriating Chelsea with his fine wing play. Loftus-Cheek is the latest to foul the former Villa man. Mahrez enters in De Bruyne’s place. This means Jesus is down the middle, Mahrez on the right and Foden dropping back to replace the Belgian.

Jack Grealish of Manchester City takes on Chelsea’s Andreas Christensen. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
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79 mins: Havertz catches Walker on the top on his foot to give City a free-kick on the right flank. De Bruyne swings it in for the City players to attack … Laporte gets ahead of his marker but needs to stretch to make contact and his volleys goes just wide. Mahrez is coming on.

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77 mins: Loftus-Cheek soon shows what he is on for, driving forward with the ball at his feet. Chelsea need that level of energy against a City midfield that has exerted from the first minute.

Alonso goes into the book for going through the back of Bernardo Silva as he looks to instigate an attack. Christensen then joins his teammate in the referee’s notepad for holding onto De Bruyne.

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75 mins: Bernardo Silva cutely dispossesses Kovacic and launches a City attack, ending with Grealish finding Cancelo on the overlap but his cross is held by Mendy. Loftus-Cheek is coming on for Chelsea.

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73 mins: Grealish chips the ball over Azpilicueta, who is forced to send the ball behind for a corner to alleviate the pressure. De Bruyne plays the corner short but when he gets the ball back he sends it hideously out of play.

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71 mins: Lukaku controls well and lays a pass into Kovacic who is running into space. The Croatian fires off a shot from the edge of the box but Dias valiantly dives to block it.

The action is now relentless, that’s for sure. End-to-end stuff with plenty in between. Will City go for a second or will Guardiola get Fernandinho on soon to try and calm things down.

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69 mins: De Bruyne releases Grealish down the left, he sends a cross with the outside of his boot along the six-yard box which Jesus collects at the back post, he returns it into a congested penalty area, allowing Chelsea to intervene. De Bruyne eventually gets the ball and fires off a shot, which is deflected wide. Chelsea clear the corner and break on City. It looks dangerous until Walker intercepts a pass to end the attack.

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67 mins: Alonso takes the resulting free-kick but he pings his effort into De Bruyne’s head. Chelsea do get a corner for the Spaniard to swing in from the right but it is headed clear. The ball goes back out to Alonso whose cross with his right boot flies wildly out of play.

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65 mins: Lukaku spins away from Laporte, who grapples him to the ground 20 yards from goal, earning a yellow for his indiscretion.

Richard Leather emails. “After all that has been said about Lukaku – being the complete player etc. he has been largely invisible in the two testing games for Chelsea – Liverpool and City… These were the games he was supposed to turn?”

The tactics and performance have no helped him. To be fair, Chelsea did play with 10 men for more than a half at Anfield.

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63 mins: NO GOAL! The ball goes into Havertz who is a good two yards offside, he is allowed to carry on and knock the ball into Lukaku for a tap-in. This is a pulsating game now.

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08.50 EDT
61 mins: OFF THE LINE! City break on Chelsea, with the ball ending up with Jesus aiming at goal. There are only defenders to beat, as Mendy is out of his goal but Thiago Silva is waiting to clear off the line. Jesus should score from there.

The open nature of the game now is making this fun. It is about to open up a touch more, as Havertz comes on for Kante.

“I think the whole Tuchel is a tactical genius is a bit over done,” emails Declan O’Brien. “In your assessment of the first half, you chastise city for not managing a shot on target, but ignore Chelsea’s failure to do so. You seem to be painting it as if Chelsea have a cunning plan to not even threaten to have a shot in the whole half. That can’t have been Chelsea’s ambition so therefore the plan or its application are faulty.”

I think I frequently pointed out that Chelsea’s game plan was to defend and hit on the counter, pointing out at half-time that the latter element had not worked.

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59 mins: Grealish is in the box with the ball at his feet, he shifts it onto his right boot and gets a shot off from a tight angle. It looks like it is heading for the far corner but Mendy’s fingertips save Chelsea.

Chelsea are looking more ambitious. Lukaku gets the ball on the right and sends in a dangerous cross which Dias slides to clear.

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57 mins: Rudiger takes the ball from around 40 yards out to the edge of the box, where he sends it out to Alonso to cross but Cancelo is there to head behind. The corner is taken by the Spaniard but it does not beat the first man and ends up back with Mendy within seconds.

Kovacic lifts his head up for the first time and sees space for Werner to run into. His pass is a dangerous one but Ederson reads it and comes out quickly to collect.

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55 mins: Chelsea require a plan B here, as they need to actually attack City, something they’ve avoided doing thus far. It might also result in Chelsea opening up a a touch, giving City more space to play in, which would be very dangerous with City in this form.

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GOAL! Chelsea 0-1 Manchester City (Jesus, 53)
Cancelo ploughs down the left, earning another City corner. It goes short and eventually comes into the area where it falls to the feet of Jesus, who spins and gets a shot off, which deceives Mendy due to a deflection and it nestles in the corner.

Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy reacts after being beaten by a deflected shot from Gabriel Jesus as the Manchester City player wheels away in celebration. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
Jesus celebrates after opening the scoring. Photograph: Alastair Grant/AP
Chelsea’s Romalu Lukaku looks dejected after going behind. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
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51 mins: City are still very much on top here against a Chelsea side who are sitting deep. It looks like the hosts have a chance to break but Werner is outnumbered in the corner and loses possession, as Chelsea have no one up with him for the counter.

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49 mins: Grealish slides into the channel and pulls the back into the box to Bernardo Silva, who lays it off to De Bruyne whose shot is blocked. Grealish gets the ball soon after on the edge of the box, before creating space to curl a shot towards the corner but it goes just wide.

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47 mins: Azpilicueta is caught on the ankle by Foden when clearing the ball. Chelsea cannot afford to lose another wing-back.

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Second half
Here we go again!

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“Wouldn’t it be better for City to push De Bruyne all the way to a striker role and Foden in midfield, I mean that touch was classy, wasn’t it?” asks Yash Gupta. “On the left they’ve created all the pretty triangles but on the right there is only Jesus hugging the touchline most of the time and Walker passing straight towards the box.

“Chelsea are slowly getting rattled. Last week they faced a team with five outfield players either not fully fit or coming through injury. Don’t think they’ll have it as easy this time, especially as they themselves are made to run ragged.”

I am sure we will see a little rotation in roles after the break.

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There is plenty of criticism regarding the quality of this game on social media, where I go for my petrol updates, but I think it’s been a good watch.

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Elsewhere … Man United and Aston Villa have also failed to trouble the scorers.

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Come on people, sign up to The Fiver.

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Half-time: Chelsea 0-0 Manchester City
It has been an engrossing opening 45 thanks to two very detailed game plans. City have had the best of it but are yet to have a shot on target, which might be a sign they need a striker – a slight flaw in their concept.

Chelsea have gifted possession to City in the knowledge they can defend all day without giving up good chances. They will, however, be disappointed they have been unable to break on City, with Lukaku and Werner almost redundant.

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45 mins: Another corner for City … Foden swings it in from the right. Dias looks to attack but Christensen heads away. Bernardo Silva sends it back into the box for Mendy to claim.

Two minutes added on.

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44 mins: Azpilicueta infuriates Lukaku and Werner by not sending a cross into the box when there was danger aplenty. In the end, Kante swings in a deep cross from the right but it goes over everyone and out for a goal-kick.

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08.12 EDT
42 mins: Cancelo flicks the ball with the outside of his boot for De Bruyne, who is racing into the area. It is a beautiful pass but just ahead of the Belgian.

Moments later, Jesus controls the ball with his shoulder in the box but it bounces at an awkward height and he sends a shot high and wide.

Mendy takes a long goal-kick for the first time. A further sign of a change in approach from Chelsea after 40 odd minutes of absorbing pressure.

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08.10 EDT
40 mins: Grealish plays the ball to De Bruyne on the left, he gets it out of his feet and whacks a rising shot from 20 yards but it goes well over the bar.

Tuchel looks like he wants his midfield to push higher up, as they are inviting pressure. The German coach looks a little frustrated by how things are going.

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08.08 EDT
38 mins: City are still pressing very high, although with slightly intensity, as they continue to force Chelsea back. Lukaku has barely had a kick, as proven by a misscontrol when under pressure from Rodri.

Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku tussles with Rodri of Manchester City. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
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08.06 EDT
36 mins: Grealish finds a pocket of space between Azpilicueta and Christensen, he drives at the Dane who blocks his cross for another corner which comes to nothing.

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08.05 EDT
34 mins: Kante sends a ball into the channel for Werner to chase but Ederson reads the situation and runs 20 yards out to clear the danger. I think it is a sign of Chelsea thinking when it comes to attacking.

Down the other end, Rodri gets the ball 30 yards out and he fires a shot off, which is going wide before Rudiger deflects it over. The resulting corner is headed back by Dias at the far post but Silva clears. The ball comes back to Foden at the byline but once again Chelsea get it out of play for a corner.

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32 mins: Walker pings a pass into De Bruyne on the edge of the area, a lesser player would have seen it bounce off his shin but the Belgian is not just any footballer, as he controls it and spins simultaneously but his shot is blocked.

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30 mins: City are slowing things down with some passing around the back, as an advert for Blue Fuel goes round the side. I hope Chelsea are solving the petrol crisis by making their own.

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07.58 EDT
28 mins: James is back on the floor clutching his ankle. Silva will replace him, forcing Azpilicueta to wing-back.

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta checks on Reece James. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
This game is so good, I might actually read an article about the tactical nuances going on.

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07.56 EDT
26 mins: Cancelo drives into the box alongside Azpilicueta, forcing the Basque to turn the ball behind. De Bruyne swings in another corner which hits Alonso at the near post and out for another corner. The second corner is also removed from the danger area without fuss.

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